Rainbow Cocktail Recipe

Grenadine: 1 ounce
Coconut flavored rum: 2 ounces
Blue Curacao: 1/2 ounce
Pineapple juice: 3 ounces
Water: 1 ounce
Orange wheel
Crushed ice

1.Pour grenadine into the glass.
2.Add crushed ice.
3.Mix together Pineapple juice and water and pour slowly over the ice.
4.Mix together blue curacao and water and slowly pour into the cocktail.
5.Add the orange wheel as a garnish.

You can replace the rum with vodka or gin. I prefer coconut-flavored rum for this cocktail.
In my video and photo, I didn’t have the right glass and was a little off. Use a tall glass.
The Rainbow Cocktail is fun to look at, but it’s best to drink after you stir it a few times or it’ll be too sweet.
Crushed ice is helpful to enjoy the drink and for the layers. I hammered ice cubes for the cocktail.
Pouring slowly is very important. Pour slowly over the back of the spoon to keep the colors from mixing.
Feel free to add another ounce or two of rum if the drink is too sweet.


For PrideMonth, I mixed a rainbow cocktail. To those celebrating Pride, I love you & support you. I am an ally. #cheers #recipe #drink #fypシ #bar

♬ original sound – TheJasonGreene

And finally:

I have never seen any of my gay friends drink this cocktail. I have never seen this cocktail served at any bar; gay or straight. But today I read some horrible comments left on my friend’s Instagram account and it made me mad. So I ran through my Rolodex of drinks in my old noggin and decided to mix up a Rainbow Cocktail in support of those celebrating Pride Month. To everyone celebrating Pride, I want you to know that I love you and support you and I am your ally.


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