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Photo by www.DrinkAndSmile.com
Photo by http://www.DrinkAndSmile.com

From the time I was a child, my dream was to become an actor and a writer. After college, I set out along with my wife to chase that dream. We arrived in New York City and I was ready to “make it.” After a few years of auditioning and bit parts here and there, my wife gave me the news that I was about to take on the biggest role imaginable — the role of a daddy. After my son was born, I became a stay-at-home dad and now I’m a proud papa of 4 children. Being a stay-at-home dad has changed the way I think about myself and the world around me.

After my first 2 children were born, I became annoyed at the constant portrayal of dads as the “bumbling idiots” of the home. I was taking care of kids, cleaning, participating in community events, and running errands, but I witnessed one commercial after another that showed a father amid chaos without knowing what to do. Because of my annoyances, my blog was born.

At first, I focused on telling stories of my hopes and frustrations with family life. As time went on, my blog grew into a business and I began writing sponsored content and displaying ads. My focus was on bringing in income and increasing my social media numbers while continuing to tell my family’s story. After many years of focusing on being a great dad and going full on influencer mode, I realized being an influencer is more than just writing about my family and reviewing products. Racial discrimination was running rampant, gender discrimination and gun violence continued to rise and I wanted to be a part of the change. Because of my desire to see a better society for all people, my blog took on social issues.

Now, this blog is a hodgepodge of writing projects that include travel writing, interviews, societal issues, mental health topics, living a healthy lifestyle, or anything else that is keeping me from getting that great night’s rest I so desperately need. Still, the overall main idea of my blog is my journey to be a good dad and a good man. Because of my blog’s success, I have appeared on many TV shows and in print, received a Dad’s Matter Award from the Mayor of New York City, and won an Iris Award from Mom 2 Summit.

I hope as you peruse through my blog, you’ll find something that touches you.

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Photo by www.DrinkAndSmile.com
Photo by http://www.DrinkAndSmile.com




From my appearance on Strahan and Sarah

Johnson and Johnson commercial


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