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Is Moulin Rouge on Broadway Appropriate for Kids?

When writing reviews of musicals, plays, and movies, it’s difficult to answer the question, “Is this okay for kids to watch?” One parent might have different views on what’s appropriate than another’s and children’s sensitivities vary.

I recently saw Moulin Rouge on Broadway and loved the show. It’s hard for me to not love a Broadway show because I’m a fan of theater. (Have you read all of my stories and bellyaches about not acting anymore?) It would take a lot for me to not like a show. However, I loved Moulin Rouge. I’ve been a fan of the story since the movie was released years ago.

Is Moulin Rouge for kids though? Well, let me tell you what the show is about and you can decide for yourself.

Moulin Rouge is about Christian, an American living in Paris during the early 1900s that aspires to be a songwriter. He falls in love with a cabaret performer named Satine. The cabaret has fallen on hard times and the producer asks Satine to have sex with a powerful Duke, who would then pay for a new performance. I wouldn’t call it a love triangle, because Christian loves Satine and the Duke loves things about Satine and Satine loves performing. I don’t want to spoil the show for those that haven’t seen the movie, so I’ll leave it there.

Sex is a big part of the show. It’s talked about, sung about, and allows the imagination of audiences to believe it’s happening. Dancers dance suggestively and wear revealing clothes. Butt cheeks are a plenty. There are mature themes throughout the show; I wouldn’t take my younger kids to see it. I would have no problem taking my 16-year-old to see the show. On the show’s website, it is recommended for audiences 12 and up. Since we’ve had an ongoing discussion about sex, love, and death since she was little, the mature themes of the show wouldn’t bother her or me. If you want to see the show, but are concerned about the themes, watch the movie with your kids. If you’re worried about how they’ll respond to the sex scenes and dialogue, then sit this show out and check out another one.

Moulin Rouge won 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. And it is an amazing musical. The songs, performances, and stage stay with you long after you leave. Which is what you want after spending a night out on Broadway.

Moulin Rouge’s runtime is 2 hours and 45 minutes with an intermission.
Moulin Rouge is at the Al Hirshfield Theatre: 302 West 45th Street
To purchase tickets, click here. 


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