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Visitors Become Art at Wonderland Dreams

While looking up “things to do in NYC,” I came across Wonderland Dreams. I looked up the Instagram account and knew right away this was a place I had to take my kids.

Visiting Wonderland Dreams is like walking into a painting. That is how I’ve been describing it to all my friends. It really is an amazing place. The artist, Alexa Meade, covered everything in the building in paint. You walk on paint, lean against paint, play with paint, and wear paint. A wave of color washes over you in every room. In many of the rooms, visitors can play dress up and be a part of the colorful room. In other rooms, there are toys and interactive pieces of art.

Wonderland Dreams was imagined and brought to life by Alexa Meade. Meade’s art reimagines the world as a 2-dimensional painting. She is also known for her body paint artwork and painted Ariana Grande for her album cover “God is a Woman.”

Photographers will love touring the building and taking photos of people in front of all the vibrant colors. It is hard to take a bad photo in Wonderland Dreams. Each wall provides a great opportunity for a selfie.

I took my two youngest kids, and we loved bouncing around from room to room. There is something about a colorful room that sends the imagination to wild places. We spend over 2 hours exploring the building and could have gone longer if time had not been an issue.

After we played and toured Wonderland, we brought our own artwork to life. My kids were inspired by being surrounded by colors and their imagination made its way onto canvasses, stick figures, and picture frames.

When we arrived home, my teenage daughter shared her disapproval of missing out on the experience. It looks like I’ll be making another trip to Wonderland Dram and I’m quite excited about that.

Wonderland Dream is located at 529 5th Ave., NYC.

To purchase your tickets, click here.

Disclaimer: I was hosted by Wonderland Dreams. The story and photos are my own.

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