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Spyscape in NYC is a Fun Time For the Entire Family

With an endless amount of things to do in New York City, it’s easy to find ways to entertain young kids. It’s hard to find entertainment for kids of all ages and adults. Spyscape in NYC is a place where everyone can have a great time.

I took 3 of my kids (16, 10, and 7) to Spyscape and we had the best time. We spent over 2 hours moving from station to station to test out our spy skills. A variety of tests and games are scattered throughout the museum where visitors try their hand at brain games, test their empathy, as well as physical tests. My 7-year-old needed help to read at some stations, but my 10-year-old was fine throughout.

Our favorite area of Spyscape was a room where we tried to step around lasers while tapping buttons. It gave us Mission Impossible vibes. We went through it a couple of times. Another great room is one where visitors listen to commands on a headphone and shout out what or who they see on screens. I may have not done very well on the math questions.

After visitors finish with all their tests, the results are revealed. Depending on how well you did, you get assigned a job. Most people want the adventurous field operative job, but my 7-year-old was fine being a spy manager. My 10-year-old was thrilled to know he could be the next James Bond.

Spyscape also offers visitors a history lesson on spying. Throughout the museum, there are artifacts and stories about various spies. Those interested in Cold War espionage will enjoy reading about the spies that were caught, and those that eluded capture. Being the history lover that I am, I veered off often while my kids were taking tests to observe the displays and read those stories.

Spyscape is split into two museums. One half is devoted to spying while the other half has temporary activity. The current activity is Batman X. To read about that experience, click here.

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We had so much fun visiting @SPYSCAPE in NYC. This was our attempt at Special Ops. I don’t see spying in our future. #nyc #spyscape #fun #museum #travel #fyp #dadlife #parenting #nyclife #iloveny #dads #kids #family #familyfun #traveltiktok #lifestyle #blogger #newyorkcity

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