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A Father and Son Bond by Helping Batman Solve a Crime at Spyscape in NYC

An evil organization is using propaganda to sway citizens to support them. Superheroes and Supervillains’ objects are missing. A highly sophisticated lab is set up to use superheroes’ weaknesses against them. And Robin is missing. No problem, because you are on the case.

My 10-year-old son and I were alone for the weekend and had a lot of video games, junk food, and a marathon of movies set out for us. I wanted to make the weekend extra special and began looking up things to do in NYC. For those that don’t know, there are a lot of things to do in NYC. Since my son and I bond over all things superheroes, we ventured into Manhattan to help Batman solve a crime.

Batman X Spyscape is a new interactive exhibit in the Spyscape Museum. Spyscape teaches its visitors about the art of espionage. Batman, being the World’s Greatest Detective, makes him a perfect match for the museum. Visitors to the Batman Experience begin by downloading an app, where they receive information from Oracle, a hacker that guides you throughout the building. A lot of reading is involved, as you’re asked to look for things and respond to Oracle. As you walk through the building, you solve riddles, take photos, and find clues. It is a perfect way to spend 90 minutes if you’re a Batman fan.

After we finished helping Batman and Oracle solve the crime, our father/son time continued. We ate lunch at Shake Shack, which is right around the corner from Skyscape, and then walked around NYC. When you have 4 kids, having that one-on-one time is important. We helped the Dynamic Duo today by being our version of the Dynamic Duo. Another memory in the bank.


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