My Ninja Coffee Bar Gives Me The Kick I need Throughout My Day

I am not a morning person. I don’t know how anyone can be. A friend once told me she wakes up every morning with the notion that great things can happen. I wake up wondering what I did to deserve such punishment.

My mornings always start with a bang. A loud, explosive bang. Or a thud, if you will. Between the hours of 7 am and 7:50 am, I must get 3 kids up and ready. (Used to be 4, but the oldest now has Uncle Sam yelling at him in the morning.) Yelling, stomping, and throwing clothes occurs during this time. After I’ve convinced my 16-year-old to get up, I drop my 10-year-old and my 7-year-old off at school. When I return, I sit and relax with a cup of coffee. This is my first coffee break of the day.

Ninja DualBrew

My life is crazy and chaotic. I love my life, but each day is a long and exhausting ride. Besides the quick jump to the day, I also have a house to clean, laundry, cook, soccer practice, gymnastics, or a myriad of chauffeuring that needs to take place. Did I mention I need to clean? And when I get a rare moment of Zen, I’m working on my version of the Great American Novel. I don’t just want coffee; I need coffee.


Ninja Specialty Coffeemaker

The breaks in my day are enjoyable in part to my coffeemaker. I used to be one of those that believe all you needed was a cheap little coffee pot. And so I had one. Then I developed a taste for espresso, so I got an espresso machine. On hot days, I like iced coffee, so I wasted more space in my kitchen. Now, all those caffeinated space suckers are compacted into my Ninja Coffeemaker.


Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System

Here are my 5 favorite things about my Ninja Coffeemaker

  1. I don’t have to hear everyone complain that my coffee is too strong. There is an option to brew one cup at a time. Place a cup in the “Bar” and you get your coffee made to your strength.
  2. No more spending a ton of money every year on fancy coffee. There are days when you need that extra tastiness for your coffee. The Ninja Coffee Bar comes with a frothier and has settings for cappuccino or many other specialty coffees. And they are easy to make. Impress your friends with your barista skills the next time they visit.
  3. It has “Ninja” in the title. Yeah, anything with the word “Ninja” is cool.
  4. All those morning appliances are wrapped into one. I live in NYC, which means kitchen space is limited. Now I can use my countertops for other things, like meal preparation.
  5. The espresso can rival any café in Italy. And I love my Italian espresso when I travel.

My breaks are necessary for my sanity. My Ninja Coffeemaker helps my breaks feel luxurious.

And for those wondering, I take 2 coffee breaks. One after dropping my kids off at school and the other around 11:30 while I’m writing. Both cups are well-deserved and enjoyed.

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