Dining in Mont Tremblant: My Favorite Spots to Grab a Bite

My family first started going to Mont Tremblant because we were attracted to the slopes. What keeps us going back is The Village. And the best part of The Village – the restaurants.

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You can find any type of food you want in Mont Tremblant and no matter where you go, the food is delicious. We were supposed to visit Mont Tremblant at the beginning of 2022, but restaurants were closed. We love eating in the Village so much that we rescheduled our trip later so we could enjoy the great food Tremblant offers.

Here are our favorite spots:

Bullseye Saloon and Grill: If you need a good steak to satisfy your hunger needs after a day on the mountain, then Bullseye is the place to go.

Café Johannsen: Café Johannsen is at the top of the mountain and is a frequent stop to warm up, go to the bathroom, and grab a quick bite to eat. The café is cafeteria-style, and I eat a lot of soup there throughout the week in between runs.

El Santo Perdido: El Santo is an upscale Mexican restaurant. I had put off having Mexican food in Canada for a long time, because I thought, “Why would I buy Mexican food in Canada when I can have it any time I want in New York City?” Then, I ate at El Santo. The food at El Santo is glorious. On our last trip, my family had a 6-course meal that included octopus. It was one of the best octopuses I’ve ever had. The tacos and steak were also delicious and the tequila cocktails were amazing. It’s also nice to hear French, Spanish, and English spoken around one table.

La Forge Bistro-Bar Grille: La Forge is one of the restaurants positioned at the base of the mountain. Which makes it a convenient spot for lunch and dinner. The menu is full of upscale comfort food and is a pleasant spot for a date after a day on the slopes.

La Maison de la Crepe: Grab a crepe for a meal or as a dessert at La Maison. We like to go for brunch and it’s one of our family favorites. The crepes are huge and filling.

La Savoie: My cheese-loving family has made visiting La Savoie a culinary tradition. We order the raclette and everyone leaves La Savoie happy. Make sure you get a reservation as soon as you arrive in Tremblant. The restaurant fills up quickly and is a favorite for many visitors.

La Diable: My favorite bar in Tremblant is La Diable. Beer is crafted on-site and the menu comprises tasty bar food. Don’t disregard the restaurant because of the term “bar food,” because the food is fantastic. I get my filling of poutine and enjoy a variety of sausages at La Diable.

Pizzateria: Can you guess what type of food they served at Pizzateria? Pizza is good any day/any time, and this is a great place to grab a pie. And pizza always makes kids happy, which makes for a more enjoyable trip.

Le Shack: We eat lunch at Le Shack for lunch at least one time every ski vacation. Usually, we make 2 appearances at the restaurant. It’s a great spot for a sandwich and a drink.

Yaoooo Pizza Pub: Yaoooo is a perfect spot for a pizza and a beer, or order take-out to bring back to your room. There are a wide variety of fancy pizzas to order, or you can settle for your old favorites.

Beavertails and Moozoo Creamery: Let’s face it, sometimes on vacation kids just want a hot dog and ice cream. When my kids are at their breaking point and the idea of taking them to a nice restaurant seems stressful, that’s when we grab a bite at Beavertails. It’s also a lot cheaper than the above restaurants.

Saying, “You can’t go wrong,” gets tossed around frequently, but it rings true when talking about restaurants in Mont Tremblant. I have never had a bad meal during a ski vacation. Bon appêtit.

And make sure you stop by Sugar Shack for snowmade popsicles.

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