Walking in Montreal: Montreal Takes Street Art to a Different Level

One of my favorite things to do when I visit a city is to walk around without an agenda. No schedule and no timetable. If you are planning on visiting Montreal, I recommend taking a day to do just that. Walk around, visit a cafe or two, eat at one of the many great restaurants, and stare at the walls.

Since a mural festival began in 2012, street art has taken off to new levels in Montreal. You need not walk into a museum to see a beautiful piece of art. All you need to do is walk down the street. There are mural and graffiti festivals each year, which leaves behind the amazing artwork. Some artwork peals off over time while others stay up or painted over. The streets are always changing and I’m looking forward to what I’ll see on my next trip. Perhaps I’ll put the Under Pressure Graffiti Festival on my calendar.

These are other photos I took from the street. Most of them are from the Le Plateau area of Montreal.



















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Walking in Montreal: Montreal Takes Street Art to a Whole New Level

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