Family Friendly Activities in Mont Tremblant that Don’t Involve Skiing/Snowboarding

My family visits Mont Tremblant every winter. We love our time on the mountain, but there’s more to love about Mont Tremblant than skiing and snowboarding. The village is a family-friendly vacation spot with a plethora of activities. Over the years, we have done just about everything Tremblant has to offer. Here you can find a list of non-skiing/snowboarding activities.

Aquaclub: In the past, the Aquaclub was a big hit with my kids on our rest day. We swim around in the indoor heated pool, where we could play basketball in the water, jump off rope swings, drop a lot of cannonballs, and relax in the hot tub. The Aquaclub is currently closed and is being renovated. We’re looking forward to our next trip when we can once again dive, swim, and relax away from the cold.

Casino de Mont Tremblant: If you love losing money like me or are a good gambler, not like me, then you’ll enjoy time away from the slopes. The casino also offers shows, great restaurants, and bars.

Dog sledding: By far our favorite non-skiing/snowboarding thing to do in Mon Tremblant. Not only are the dogs cute and energetic, but they are fascinating. Before the first time I went on a dogsled, I wondered if it was cruel for the dogs to pull a sled through the snow. After meeting the dogs, it was obvious they LOVE pulling sleds. From the moment I stepped into the yard, the dogs wanted badly to be hooked up and pull us around. There is also plenty of time to show the dogs love by petting them and even cuddling with them in the snow.

Dune Buggies: Plow through the snow in dune buggies in Parc National de Mont Tremblant. Passengers must be 5 and older and you must be at least 18 and older to drive.

Ice Skating: Even though ice skating is available throughout the day, we only ice skate at night since we’re busy during the day. Ice skating as a family is one of our Tremblant traditions that we never miss. Don’t worry about packing ice skates, you can rent while there.


Jardins de Glance: Next to the ice-skating rink is Jardins de Glance. Jardins is a play area made of ice sculptures. We love taking many trips down the ice slide and using the ice thrones as bases for snowball fights. Also, it’s free.

Mission Laser: Shed the many layers of sweatshirts and ski pants for a t-shirt and jeans inside Mission Laser. Laser tag is a great way to release that family tension while firing lasers at your kids around the indoor obstacles.

Mission Liberte: If you need a little stressful fun added to your trip, you can try the escape rooms at Mission Liberte. It’s nice to get away from the cold and have a relaxing time trying to break out.

Sleigh Rides: If low-key activities are your thing, then a sleigh ride would be perfect for you. A picturesque sleigh ride through the woods and fields pulled by horses is a fun way to experience Mont Tremblant with the family. They provide blankets and hot chocolate to keep everyone nice and toasty.

Studio Creatif: When we’re putting our schedule together, we write in time at Studio Creatif. Visitors can paint pre-made ceramics at Studio Creatif and then the projects are placed into a kiln to turn into smooth pottery. 24 hours after creating your masterpiece, you can pick up your art project. So make sure you don’t wait for the last day to visit.

Popsicles in the Snow: A must-stop for all visitors to Mont Tremblant is a trip to Sugar Shack. Popsicles are made by pouring hot syrup over the snow and rolled up with a popsicle stick. It doesn’t quite turn out the same way when I try it at home.

Restaurants: The number one thing to do besides hitting the slopes in Tremblant is eat. Whenever we travel as a family, we like to budget our food and try to eat inside our rooms as much as possible. When there are 4 kids and 2 adults, the bill racks up quickly.  However, when we hit Tremblant, we splurge. There are so many great places to eat. Somehow, after all my snowboarding, I don’t lose any weight. The great restaurants are the reason. When budgeting for your Tremblant trip, splurge for a culinary vacation as well.

There are always new things to do in Tremblant, which makes a good reason to stop by the Tremblant Activity Center to see what’s new or if there are any deals.

*Because of Covid, many indoor activities are closed. Make sure to check ahead before visiting.

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