Jumping off a Floating Restaurant in the British Virgin Islands

My kids were sold on our dining option for the evening as soon as they found out patrons could jump off the ledge into the ocean. Jumping off the Willy-T barge isn’t a way to get out of paying your bill. It’s an added luxury.

Willy-T’s (William Thornton) is In the Bight at Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. There is no ferry and the only way to get there is to sail a vessel to The Bight and drop anchor or moor the boat. From there, you’ll take a small boat or dinghy to Willy-T’s, where you can dock. Willy-T’s is a floating barge, meaning you can’t get to it by walking on board from land. We made our way to Willy-T’s after mooring our catamaran in The Bight and took a dingy from our boat. We were on a Moorings Sailing trip and our captain dropped us off at Willy-T’s.

During the day, Willy-T’s is a restaurant. At night, it’s a party. Our first trip to Willy-T’s was for dinner. I had a tasty fried-up basket of fish and chips. You can’t go wrong ordering fish and chips in the British Virgin Islands. After we ate, we walked to the ledge. The first time at Willy-T’s, only the boys jumped. They jumped off many times, with my 10-year-old jumping off the most. After they finished jumping, we called our captain, and he picked us up.

Throughout the week, we kept talking about how much fun we had at Willy-T’s. Since it was a laid-back vacation with a flexible schedule, we went back for one more jump. We arrived much later than last time and Willy-T’s was in club mode. People in bathing suits were dancing, and many people were doing shots around the bar. It was a bit rowdier than the dinner crowd we previously encountered. Up top, there were not that many people. We grabbed some drinks and walked to the edge. This time, I joined my 10-year-old son, as did my 7-year-old daughter.

*Tip – If you’re jumping off a barge, keep your legs together when you land.

When we talk about our sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands, stories about jumping off the Willy-T are the most told. We’re always on the lookout for fun and unique experiences when we travel and our brief time onboard William Thornton’s is hard to beat.


My boys jumping off Willy T’s in Road Town, British Virgin Islands. #WillyT #bvi #britishvirginislands #restaurants #coolbars #bars #travel #brothers #traveltiktok #fyp

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