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Snorkeling with an Olympus Tough Camera

Being a family travel blogger means we get to go on many adventures. It’s important when I go on these trips that I capture the moments in more ways than just my words. My readers want a visual of what the vacation was like. The pictures probably sell a trip more than the stories that occurred. It’s important to have a good camera along for the ride.

I love taking photos. I take gazillions of them. I have a large camera that I’ll take if I have space in my luggage and if I’m going to be using a vehicle much of the time. Or, if there’s not much room, I just carry my cell phone. There were many moments that I wish I had a small camera with a zoom that could withstand the elements.

Before I took a sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands, I researched cameras to see which camera would be a great all-purpose camera to take. I wanted a camera that could take great photos above the water and amazing pictures below and fit in my pocket. My family loves to snorkel, and I wanted to capture what we would see. All of my research took me to the Olympus Tough. It did not disappoint.

Before our trip, I took the camera to the lake and experimented with it. I recommend everyone should do this when they buy a new camera. Take the camera out and play around with it. Aim at something and then click through all the settings and figure out which one is the best for certain situations. Get to know it before your vacation.

What I especially love about using the Olympus Tough is that you can shoot underwater. The Olympus Tough can shoot up to 15 meters (45 feet) underwater. That’s pretty deep. It also has a built-in GPS, altimeter, compass, thermometer, and accelerometer. The Olympus Tough is also shockproof, crushproof, and freezeproof. That makes the camera not just a great camera to take under the sea, but for any family vacation. Anyone that travels with kids knows how valuable a crushproof and waterproof camera can be.

Bringing the Olympus Tough on our sailing trip around the Virgin Islands was the perfect addition to our vacation. I’m thankful to be able to relive our underwater adventures for years to come.

To learn more about the Olympus Tough, click here.

Disclaimer: I partnered with Olympus Tough for my review. The story and sentiments are my own. 


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  1. Oh how wonderful to see both the area of your sail boat and the underwater photos. Amazing one camera can do all that.

    1. I didn’t use any underwater housing. The camera locks prevent water from entering. And I didn’t use any additional lenses.

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