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Lunch Dates in Mont Tremblant


20170127_235240My snowboard reached the bottom of the hill and I unsnapped my feet. My thighs throbbed from pain from holding a horseback riding position down the mountain. I wobbled across the snowy ground and into the restaurant. My wife was to meet me, but I was early. So, I dragged my coat, gloves, and helmet off and plopped down at the bar. A little later, my wife sat next to me.


I love visiting Mont Tremblant. It is something I look forward to every year. From the beauty of the mountain to the cool village at the bottom of the hill, my family enjoys it all. But, my favorite part of vacation in Mont Tremblant isn’t snowboarding or walking through the village. My favorite thing about visiting Mont Trembant are the lunch dates with my wife. My kids are in ski school during the day while my wife and I take on the mountain. My wife is a good skier and I am a terrible snowboarder, so we separate in the morning and meet back up at lunch. It allows us both to have alone time we both desperately need. Then, we meet up at a restaurant and enjoy one-on-one time we also desperately need.


Family ski vacations are a great way for families to enjoy the outdoors and overcome physical obstacles. Often, reconnecting with your spouse is an afterthought on family vacations. Mont Tremblant offers a remedy. My kids were in ski school during the day, which gave my wife and I an afternoon date. Even our toddler was take care of during the day.


After our lunch dates, my wife and I would go back and enjoy the mountain. Well, my wife went back and enjoyed the mountain. After falling a few more times, I would enjoy another beer.


We are back home now, but we are already dreaming about our next visit to Mont Tremblant.



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