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A Trail of Cheerios will Always lead Us Home

img_20170123_165745_197I have traveled all over the world with my four kids. They could find their way home because a Cheerio trail is left everywhere we go. Cheerios at the Coliseum? Yup. Eiffel Tower? You bet. Mayan Ruins in Mexico, London Tower, Picasso Museum in Barcelona, and beaches around the world have been littered with Cheerios left behind by my children’s small hands. And unfortunately on the airplanes my family has traveled on, a huge Cheerio mess always gets left behind. You’re welcome world.

Cheerios and I first bonded over 12 years ago when I became a dad. Or actually little later when my firstborn became a toddler. Back then, they didn’t have all those fancy Cheerios, except for maybe Honey Nut Cheerios. I learned that if I needed a moment to save my sanity, all I had to do was plop a few Cheerios in front of my son to give me a few minutes to do whatever I needed accomplished. Since then, Cheerios has a reserved spot on my shelf.  And, a reserved spot on my floor. But hey, a crunchy floor is the coolest. Am I right? Nope.

 Which leads me to…

I request that Cheerios develops a cereal that dissolves 5 seconds after it hits the floor. That isn’t too much to ask for, is it? Most of the Cheerios find their way into my kids’ mouths, but a hefty amount makes its way to the vacuum or to the bottoms of my feet. And I’m all for the crunchy lifestyle, but not a crunchy floor.

Until a vanishing Cheerio is created, I will settle for the 1,000 current Cheerios options. Okay, there might not be 1,000, but sure seems like we’re getting close. There are Honey Nut, Multi Grain, Apple Cinnamon, Frosted, Medley Crunch, Protein, Ancient Grains (whatever that means), Fruity, Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. Flight Attendants everywhere curse you. And now Cheerios added Very Berry Cheerios to the long list of cereals. Very Berry Cheerios is our current go to cereal because of the yummy berry taste. The birds and squirrels in Central Park are going to love us.


So, thank you Cheerios for giving me so many moments of peace and for dirtying my floor. And I guess for filling my family’s bellies with yummy cereal for over 12 years. Now get to work on making a vanishing cereal.

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Cheerios for this campaign, but my opinions are my own.

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