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Gifts for Runners

When Covid broke out and everyone was forced inside, I was in desperate need to get out and exercise. And that’s what motivated me to become a runner. After a few months of running, I really got into it. Now, 2 years later, I consider myself a runner.

Whether you are shopping for a runner in your life or wanting to splurge on yourself, here are some of my gift ideas for runners.

  1. Before this year, I wouldn’t have needed to search for the best neck gaiter to wear while running. Unfortunately, the times we live in caused me to make the important purchase. I live in NYC and so I’m rarely alone on a run. If I’m in a congested area, slipping my neck gaiter up and down is a lot easier than wearing a mask. Here are neck gaiter suggestions from – Back Country, Mission, and Mack Weldon.
  2. When I started running, I chose routes that were close to water fountains. Once my stamina improved, I wanted my runs to take me farther and over bridges. Many times, I wasn’t near a fountain and I didn’t want to carry a backpack. After talking over my dilemma with runners on a Facebook running group, I bought a FlipBelt that came with 3 flasks. This product has been an enormous help on my runs. I don’t run without it. I store water bottles and my phone inside my belt and the belt is comfortable to wear.
  3. If I had to pick one object that has helped turn me into a runner the most, it would be my Apple Watch. I know there are other run trackers and smartwatches, but Apple has thought of everything. My watch tracks my steps, routes, calories and helps set goals. And one of my favorite aspects is I can challenge or encourage friends that are Apple Watch users by connecting to our watches. To read more about my love for the Apple Watch, click here.
  4. The biggest problem I have (Besides my list of physical problems) with running is boredom. My Apple AirPods help get me over the boredom hump. During my runs, I either listen to music or to podcasts. I tried learning a language, but that didn’t work out. I either run off a playlist or a station on Apple Music. To read my AirPods review, click here.
  5. Virtual races took off during the Covid pandemic and they are here to stay. Taking part in a virtual race helps runners set goals for themselves and share their experiences on social media. Most virtual races provide runners with medals, shirts, and bibs to put on display. Here are some popular virtual races: The Conqueror, Virtual Running Club, Wizard Run,  and Gone For a Run.
  6. Never underestimate the importance of a good sock. Good running socks are necessary to be a consistent runner. Here are some great ideas for your sock purchase: Balega, Drymax, and Smartwool.
  7. Another significant item I added is a pair of Nike Woven Running pants. These pants can go over your warm-weather tights/pants. I wear these pants when it rains and when it gets cold.
  8. Does the runner in your life have a pile of bibs or medals tossed around the house? If so, they need a place to display them. They’ll love showing off their medals and bibs on this wall hanger from Gone For a Run.
  9. Muscle aches and pains can shorten a route or give you an excuse to not go on a run. Trigger Point makes a great foam roller to help runners work out those kinks.
  10. I’m not a fan of running with a hat on, but when the weather gets cold in NYC, it’s a must. This SmartWool Merino 250 Cuffed Beanie keeps your head warm and can wick away sweat.
  11. Over the past year, massage guns have become a necessity for runners and workout enthusiasts. There are a lot of great options available. Theragun is the most popular, but I’m happy with my much cheaper Youdgee Massage gun.

If you are a runner, I would love to know what you have bought that helps you get your miles in.

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