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10 Ways Apple Watch Assists Runners

At the beginning of the summer, I changed up my lifestyle to become healthier. I made running a part of my routine and learned quickly that I hate running. I was bored and running with my iPhone was annoying. If I put my phone in a pocket, I butt dialed or took pictures inside my pocket. And all too often, apps that I was using while running shut off because of said butt dialing and picture taking. My only other option was to hold the phone or buy a phone holder.

While perusing many running forums and Facebook groups, it was brought to my attention that an Apple Watch would answer my needs. After using the Apple Watch for most of the summer, I agree with many Apple users that the watch makes a world of difference while running.

Here are 10 ways the Apple Watch has helped me with running.

1.      Solved my boredom: I get bored easily while running, but the Apple Watch solved the issue because I can download music on Apple Music or listen to a podcast or books on tape without carrying my iPhone with me.
2.      Pairs with AirPods: The Watch pairs with AirPods easily and helps to erase outside noise while you run.
3.      Run tracked: The activity tracker on the watch keeps track of your movement throughout the day. With the activity tracker, you can select an exercise, such as an outdoor run, and it will track your distance, time, calories, heart rate, and more. You can also see on a map where your run took place.
4.      Encouragement: You can connect with your friends who also own an Apple Watch and see how they are doing with their goals. Fellow Apple runners can send encouragement, compete,  and help keep one another accountable.
5.      Apple Pay: I don’t like running with a wallet in my pocket and with Apple Pay installed on my watch, I can use it at participating stores on my way home.
6.      Receive texts: Because my watch has cellular, I’m able to receive text messages while running. I have 4 kids and I always need to be available in case I’m needed. Receiving text messages helps keep me content knowing I’m available while exercising.
7.      Tracking indoor workouts: Many gym equipment brands are making their equipment pairable to the Apple Watch. Inside a gym, Apple owners can have their watch search for equipment and when found, can connect. Information will be stored on your watch once the exercise is over and owners can check back on the calendar to see what they did on that day.
8.      Running in the rain: Chances are if you run in the rain, you don’t want to take your phone with you. The Apple Watch is water-resistant and can handle the downpour.
9.      Looks great: Should being stylish be a reason? Yes, yes it should. And with a variety of watch bands, you can change your watch band to match the occasion.
10.   Fall detection: The Apple Watch is great for older runners because of fall detection. I’m 45 and hopefully have many more years of not having to worry about falls. But if I were to fall, my watch could make an emergency call.

I don’t know if I would have stuck to running as long as I have without my Apple Watch. The watch motivates me, provides me with entertainment and peace, and tracks my movements. Because of running, I’m healthier and happier. To purchase your Apple Watch, click here.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Apple for this post.

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