Recess at Home: Using Magformers & Thames and Kosmos Toys During Breaktime

How often does this happen to you? You’ve helped your kids all morning with zoom meetings and schoolwork and crave a break so you can get your own work done. Then, as soon as you sit down to perform your job duties, a need arises or your kids get into a fight. Or you need a few minutes to yourself but have to entertain the kids. You could turn the TV on or let them play video games, but you’re worried about how much screen time they’re getting.

There are 3 toys that my kids are using right now that provides them with entertainment while learning and provides me with space and break I need to get work done.

Thames and Kosmos have a plethora of fantastic educational toys. I’ve been using them for years and when I was a homeschool parent, I used them along with our science class. The Solar Bots 8-and-1 kit is a fun robotics kit that helps kids understand solar energy, and since there are 8 robotic options, kids have a variety of ways to interact with the toy.

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@thamesandkosmos has long provided science-loving kids with great products. Now that most of us are trying to educate our kids at home, we can all use Thames and Kosmos kits to help teach kids in fun interactive ways. I received the SolarBots Kit and Colorful Crystal Lab and my kids are loving the experiments. And I’m loving that they can sit next to me while I work and they learn by being hands on. . . . #ad #science #kit #kits #thamesandkosmos #toy #toys #learning #learningathome #learningthroughplay #education #homeschooling #homeschool #influencer #influencers #kids #kid #parenting #dadlife #dads #parents #lifestyle #distancelearning #children #experiment

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Also from Thames and Kosmos is the Ooze Lab. My 8-year-old wants to be a scientist when he grows up and science kits are a big hit in my house. The Ooze Lab has easy to follow directions for young scientists while they mix ingredients and create crystals.

Tileblox Basic Rainbow 20 Piece Set inspires children to build a variety of fun structures. My 5-year-old loves magnetic toys and the Tileblox set is a great addition to her toy box. My 8-year-old also plays with magnetic toys and uses the set to create houses for his action figures. They can also combine with other Magformer sets to create large structures.

It’s a hard time for parents and kids. We’re all at the end of our patience. Using toys as a bridge from one activity to the next is a great use of time. And when those toys are educational, that’s a bonus. Good luck parents.


Disclaimer: I have partnered with Thames and Kosmos and Magformers for this review.

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