A visit to the Cooperstown Bat Company is a Must for Baseball Fans

Often, when on a vacation, there is an unexpected moment that occurs when everyone is uplifted and has a great time. This happened to my family when we visited Cooperstown and made a stop at the Cooperstown Bat Company for a tour of their factory.

Before we left for Cooperstown, our conversations revolved around the Baseball Hall of Fame and hiking. Our visit to the Cooperstown Bat Company scheduled tour was a stop we were looking forward to, but wasn’t part of too many discussions. After our visit, it was the number one thing we talked about.

We arrived at the Cooperstown Bat Company knowing nothing about the company other than they made bats. Soon after we stepped inside, it was obvious we were among people passionate about baseball and loved their jobs. While we were watching a craftsman create bats out of a block of wood, he told us how great it felt to know that a bat he made was used to hit a home run in the World Series and was on display in the Baseball Hall of Fame. We also watched how another employee carefully decorated bats and how another worker dipped bats in paint with precision. My kids and I loved watching the process of how a bat goes from a block of wood to the moment it is ready to be shipped.

With every work station we stopped at, the employee shared sadness about how work has decreased since COVID ravaged our society. We learned the company had employed 14 full-time and 5 part-time employees and was down to 3 full-time and 2 part-time. The absence of Minor League Baseball and the late start to the MLB Season hit the bat making company hard. Along with all the passion for baseball within the building, there was also sadness for a lack thereof.

At the end of our tour, they gifted us a lovely bat with our family’s name and the date of our visit. The bat sits in our living room now and reminds us of our trip and the unseen hard work that goes into the game. If you are visiting Cooperstown, a stop at the Cooperstown Bat Company is a must. The company also has a store steps away from the Baseball Hall of Fame on Main Street.

If you are looking for creative gifts for a birthday or holidays, you can purchase a custom-made bat. Bats look great in living rooms, offices, bedrooms, or on the shoulder of your Little League player. To order a custom-made bat, click here.

Store location:
118 Main Street
Cooperstown, NY 13326

Factory location and information:
3152 County Highway 11
Hartwick, NY 13348
Demonstrations are free and groups of 10 or more should schedule ahead of time and call (607-547-2415)
Hours are Monday-Friday: 9am-Noon, 1pm-3pm

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