Safely Visiting Cooperstown Was the Vacation I needed

Traveling is a big part of our lives. Because of COVID restrictions, we could not seek the family adventures that vacations bring. My oldest son and I were planning a trip to visit Barcelona and see Messi play this summer, and on the calendar was my family’s annual camping vacation to Edisto, South Carolina. Since travel renews my spirit and takes stress off my shoulders, I was succumbing to the weight and tension of our time. I looked daily for a means of escape, but didn’t want to book any trips because I felt it would be irresponsible for me to run away with my family to a remote destination and possibly either unknowingly spread the virus or pick it up.

Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a law that stated anyone traveling outside of NY (except a few states), would have to quarantine for 14 days once they return. Not wanting to quarantine, I looked for places to visit within New York State that I haven’t visited before. A few years ago, my family visited the New York side of Niagara Falls and so I decided not to make that drive, but I wanted to visit somewhere that took me far away from NYC that I haven’t visited before. A place that would provide a small-town feeling, but still offering a lot to do. As I looked around the state, Cooperstown stood out. It met what I was looking for. Cooperstown is a small town, with a lot to do that centers around the National Baseball Hall of Fame. There’s also a lot of hikes and places to explore in Otsego County and outdoorsy things to do checks off another one of our boxes.

As I researched the Cooperstown area and spoke with Jaqueline, who works for, I felt that Cooperstown was the ideal place for my family to make a quick getaway. I packed with ease knowing that to walk around downtown Cooperstown, you must wear a mask and wearing a mask is required in all businesses and museums.


My kids and I felt safe the entire time we were in Cooperstown. We appreciated the rules set in place which allowed us to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Hyde Hall,  the Farmers’ Museum, the Cooperstown Bat Company, go on a walking ghost tour, eat at a lot of great restaurants, and stay in comfort and style at the Lane N Pines Motel. We’re used to wearing masks, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to wear our masks in town and at the various venues. When we hiked, we didn’t see any other people, so we kept the masks in our pockets.

Visiting Cooperstown was what I needed. It provided me with a great getaway, which helped me get some relief from life’s struggles and provided us with safe and fun distractions. Nobody knows how long COVID is going to be here and how the future of travel looks. I recommend looking locally for short road trips that provide the travel breaks you need. If you live in New York, you can rest assure that Cooperstown has taken the necessary steps to safely welcome you.

Disclaimer: I partnered with This Is Cooperstown for this story. The words and photos are my own.

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