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11 Fitness Apps for Kids

We’ve been thrust into a teaching role and it has been difficult for many of us. Some parents are cruising through homeschool lessons and doing a great job. Some of us are struggling. I recently posted an article on apps to help with your new teaching duties. In this post, I’ve researched apps to help get kids exercising and have put together my 11 favorite fitness apps for kids.

Fitness apps are not only good for helping children get the daily exercise they need; they also help with giving parents personal time. During the homeschool time period, I’ll schedule a “gym class” and have my kids work out to apps for 30 minutes. This helps me get some of my work done or the personal time I need to get through the day. Personal time meaning I eat Oreos in my bedroom.

It doesn’t matter if the weather outside is frightful or not, kids can exercise and get their steps in with these 11 apps. Whatever reason you are using this list, I hope it comes in handy. In the comment section, please list any apps you use.

Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids is a great app that I learned about after my kids used it at school. The Yoga instructor in the app guides kids through yoga poses by using fun storytelling and language aimed at younger participants.


GoNoodle was brought into my home after I visited the school one day and saw the kids dancing and running in place while watching the app on their screen. I use it a lot now when the kids need to get moving on rainy days or just for fun. Kids can play various games and pretend to be in video games or perform one of the many listed dances.


Habitz is an app where parents set up goals on a smart device and the kids receive reward points for completing the assignments. Exercising, eating right, and chores can all be daily goals. Parents also set up rewards and at what point.

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now turns your living room into a dance floor. Kids (and adults) mimic the moves on the screen and one can dance for fun or for competition. It’s also a great way for adults to know what the kids are up to these days or if you’re wanting to add a new dance to your Tik Toc account. The app is a lot more fun if you play it on a smart TV.

Kids Yogaverse: I am love

Kids Yogaverse teaches kids yoga by using storytelling tactics and portraying yoga poses in fun and creative ways. There is a large number of poses kids can choose from.

NFL Play 60

One of the more creative ways to get kids exercising, the NFL Play 60 app allows kids to create their own character and use the character to track exercises. Kids can also play games such as Tag and Red Light/Green Light to get their legs moving and heart pumping.

7-min workout for kids

The 7-minute workout for kids by Exact Fitness uses body weight for strength training. The belief by Exact Fitness is that longer workouts can be broken down into a 7-minute high intensity workout. This is a great app for those kids that want to quit after a few minutes of exercise.


Sworkit is an all-around fitness app with categories for adults and kids. Kids are challenged to perform sophisticated exercises with terms easy to understand. Sworkit has the largest amount of exercises available.

UNICEF Kids Power

UNICEF Kids Power offers children “Brain Breaks” by getting kids to dance and exercise through videos. A band is optional to purchase to keep track of movements, but isn’t necessary. UNICEF also adds to the experience a “Global Citizenship” aspect where kids can help fight global malnutrition by completing tasks and their step counts.

Yoga Kids

Yoga Kids inspire kids to bring more relaxation into their life and helps kids to take part in yoga stretches and activities in fun ways.

Zombie Run

This app is more for middle schoolers and high schoolers. The user starts out as a jog but must speed up when zombies show up on the smart phone. When clear, the runner can slow down. There are also places on the app where the survivor must stop and get supplies.  The app also keeps track of how far you’ve gone.

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