Celebrate National Sibling Day

This post is written for National Siblings Day. A day designated to remember the love shared among siblings and not those moments where doors are slammed and tears are made.

One of life’s greatest joys for me is when I see all four of my children playing a game together. Not because it allows me the chance to do something on my own, although that is nice, but it’s those occurrences that let me know my kids actually like each other. We (parents) all too often get stressed out about those moments where the kids fight and do not celebrate enough when harmony is shared between them. I know I don’t do enough of the latter.

Thinking back to when I was a youth, I remember more of the good times than bad. My sister and I had some big conflicts and we did and said things that were regretful, but mostly, we got along. Whether it was making secret potions with leftover drinks while we cleaned the kitchen or the times she needed to walk ahead of me during the winter so I would have a path, the memories I have are mostly pleasant.

My hope for my kids is when they are thinking about spending time with their siblings, they don’t remember all the times they disagreed and got on one another’s nerves. Playing games, coloring Easter Eggs, and wrestling is what I hope will fill their hearts with gladness for those years when they will not all be under the same roof.

Let’s see your Sibling pictures or photos of your children getting along (or not) on social media with the hashtags #NationalSiblingsDay

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