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Merry Stirring Mice: Book Review

Cynthia Dreeman Meyer Merry Stirring MiceMerry Stirring Mice

Author: Cynthia Dreeman Meyer

Illustrators: Marina Saumell & Maria Eugenia Papeo

Publisher: The Beckham Publications Group, Inc.

Price: $17.95



In my home, Christmas stockings are filled with gifts and candy. But if Santa brings the gifts, who delivers the candy? That question is addressed in this new Christmas picture book by Cynthia Dreeman Meyer. Here’s a spoiler, mice bring the candy and drop them into the Christmas stockings.

The story of Merry Stirring Mice revolves around a family of mice that must wait for a human family to go to bed before they partner with Santa and deliver Christmas goodies to the children. If you have children that eat up all things Christmas-related, then this cheery story may help them get ready for the holidays.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book for review.

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