News, Music, and Sports Oh My: TuneIn Makes the World a Smaller Place

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My last post about TuneIn Radio discussed how I never have a reason to miss out on listening to a Buckeyes game. This post is about never having to miss out on anything.

As I said in the last post, I have been using TuneIn for years. I first began using TuneIn while cleaning the house. Most people listen to music while they clean. Not me, I have NPR blasting. I either hook up to speakers through Blue Tooth or carry the phone around with me as I scrub toilets and do dishes. Not in that order of course. And it is easy to download TuneIn to the phone. (I also have the app on my iPad.) I know very little about technology, but I can download apps like nobody’s business.

You can also listen to a HUGE variety of music. This is a 100% true story. Just the other day I wanted to listen to some Christmas music while I doing chores around the house. And so I entered “Christmas” into the search and a bunch of stations came up. Paying attention to the song that was listed and not the station where it came from, I tapped away. When the song ended, a familiar voice came over the speakers. The voice belonged to an old college friend who is a DJ in Columbus, Ohio. Here I am in NYC listening to an old friend talk over the radio from a different state. That was pretty cool.

The TuneIn app is also great for those like myself who have moved from one city to another. I’m a huge fan of all Cleveland sports’ teams. I like to listen to Cleveland’s local sports’ programs. Because of TuneIn, I can keep up to date with how Clevelanders view their team. I can get the inside scoop on how LeBron and Kyrie are getting along and if Manziel should be the starter.

TuneIn helps make the world smaller. That is something I appreciate. It helps me feel connected whether I’m listening to NPR or hearing local Ohio news. And the best part of TuneIn, it all comes to you free.

Disclosure: I have partnered and was compensated by Life of Dad, LLC and TuneIn for this promotion.


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