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Losing my Apple Watch at the Zoo and the Quest to Find it

My daughter and I walked through Flushing Meadows and past the sphere and those weird flying saucer platforms from the World’s Fair that took to the skies in Men in Black. Before we entered the Queens Zoo, I checked my watch to see my step count. Then, I pulled out my membership card and we waltzed into the zoo with our first stop being by the alligators.

The Queens Zoo is a small zoo where you walk in a giant circle to see the animals. We’ve been members ever since we first visited the zoo some 16 years ago. The Queens Zoo is my go-to activity when there’s nothing else to do. “Bored? Well, let’s go to the zoo. It’s a nice day, let’s go to the zoo.” Since it was sunny and everyone else in our home was away, my 5-year-old daughter and I jumped on the 7 Train and took the subway out to Flushing Meadows where we saluted Citi Field, the home of the Mets.

After the alligators, we fed the ducks and continued on our way. When we arrived at the elk exhibit, I had to lift my daughter up to see over the ledge. I repeated this throughout the day as she was too short to see most exhibits. After we made our circle and were about to exit, I checked to my watch to see our step count. But it was gone! I ran through my head the last time I checked it and remembered doing so on the way in. So it had to be in the zoo. I pushed my inner panic button and grabbed my daughter by the wrist as we ran from exhibit to exhibit, but couldn’t find it. I found an employee named JP and told him about my watch and described my new Apple Watch in detail. Oh, I didn’t mention it was an Apple Watch? Yes, it was my new Apple Watch! The one with all of my information on it. I envisioned someone finding my watch and using my Apple Pay account to get their fill of lemon ice at Lemon Ice King of Corona.

We circled again. I exited the zoo and looked around nearby, and then I remembered I could locate my watch on my phone. And so I pulled up the locator app and it showed my watch was still in the zoo. I hit an alarm on my phone and I checked off the “lost phone” box, which suspended my Apple Account. Somewhere in the zoo, my watch was ringing and on the watch’s face flashed my phone number for someone to call.

Sweat was pouring down my face and my daughter was tired of running around. She wanted her own lemon ice. When I was just about to leave defeated, my phone rang. It was my new best friend JP. He found my watch. Apparently, while I was lifting my daughter up to see the elk, the watch fell into the exhibit. It’s a good thing it didn’t fall in with the alligators.

As I rested that night, my watch lit up and reminded me to take a deep breath. It was a pleasant reminder after a stressful day.

Disclaimer: I am partnering with Apple to share the many great abilities the Apple Watch offers. The Watch locator and lost sounds are some of the many great reasons to purchase the watch. Check back again to hear more stories of how my Apple Watch is helping me navigate life.


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