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The Paley Center for Media opens up a Gaming Heaven

When most people think of media, their minds go to film, television, print, and, ahem… blogs. Over the past few years, kids have brought video games into mainstream media discussion. Kids not only play video games, but they also watch people playing video games on YouTube and Twitch. The Paley Center for Media understands the state of gaming and its impact on the world and, as a result, opened Paley GX, a studio and VR lab devoted to the video game world.

Paley GX offers visitors a chance to play and get to know about the latest gaming systems and games in a family-friendly atmosphere. Besides playing video games, people can also learn about video game design and the latest in gaming technology.


One reason I love the new gaming areas in the Paley Center is that it will give my kids the opportunity to try a variety of video games before we buy them. My 10-year-old son who loves his coding class is looking forward to the workshops on game designing.

To visit the Paley Center for Media, you can find the building at 25 West 52nd St.

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