Making Summer Camp Life Easier with Name Bubbles

Camp time is just around the corner. And who doesn’t remember that great time you had back in the day? I do! Oh, the times I swatted mosquitoes, itched all night because of poison ivy, burned my tongue on S’mores, and spiders crawling all over my faces. Good times. Good times.

If you were like me, your mom took a Sharpie and wrote your whole name or initials on some tape and attached to your belongings. Within a day, the tape came off your sleeping bag, towel, and clothes. The lack if adhesiveness causing a trip to the Lost and Found bin, where clothes were tossed.

And now, as a dad, knowing tape falls off, I started writing my kids’ names on their water bottles, sleeping bags, and other belongings. Which is tough for my kids, because I’ve got 4 of them. So, I scratched the oldest name out with a sibling’s name under it. It can be embarrassing being the youngest.

Name Bubbles is a new label company that revolutionizes how you mark up your kids’ belongings. Yes, I said “revolutionize!” Anything that makes a parent’s job easier is revolutionary. Name Bubbles is here to help parents organize their things and help make sure everything comes back home.

It’s easy to do. Simply click on camp labels, and put in your child’s name and any other information you want added. Name Bubbles will then print them and send them to you.

10 Reasons to buy Name Bubbles Labels before your kid goes off to camp.

  1. The labels are neat. My kids won’t have to worry about my chicken scratch handwriting all over their stuff.
  2. The labels are washable. I feel like when someone gives me something that can’t go through the dishwasher or washing machine, what they are saying is, “Hey, can you ruin this for me?” The label will still stick and look good once they come out of the machine.
  3. You can add little cute designs to go with the name. This is great for sending water bottles and clothes with kids to day care or school. The unique design doesn’t make the labels look tacky.
  4. Different shapes are also available. No need for the old standard of stretching out a piece of tape. Now, you can have many shapes and designs.
  5. Various sports designs. If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time watching your kids play sports. And if you’re like me, you are constantly buying water bottles. My kids have lost a plethora of water bottles over the years. With the Name Bubbles, you can have the kid’s name on the bottle with their sport.
  6. Phone numbers and addresses can be added neatly.
  7. Are people in your house constantly stealing your phone chargers? Put a label on it. (Not that it would actually stop them.)
  8. No smudges.
  9. Name Bubbles will be useful year-round. Buy it for summer camp, but it’ll come in handy during the sports’ seasons, school, and labeling household items.
  10. Name Bubbles is woman owned and made in the USA.

With multiple kids, it’s important for me to label my kids’ camp items and sports items. Replacing clothes, water bottles, jackets, balls, and many other things gets expensive. It’s nice to have invested in a good label maker to help cut down on replacing items and keep things organized.

Use Code “One Good Dad” for 10% off your order.

To order your camp labels, click here.

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Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this review, however, the the words and story are my own.

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