Fodada Offers Fathers the Best Dads Shirts Around and It’s a Great Company Too

Chances are, if you’ve seen me running along the streets of New York City, you’ll see a Fodada shirt. Fodada shirts are my favorite articles of clothing. Many times, while standing in a line, I’ll get a compliment on the shirt. It is funny when someone compliments you on a shirt because all you did was buy it. Anyway, I love Fodada’s style and the shirts feel great.

What I love even more about Fodada is the company’s mission. Besides creating great shirts, Fodada has started a conversation about mental health and keeps it from being a taboo subject. For too long, men have neglected their mental health. Fodada desires men to be mentally fit and offers steps on how men can improve their mental fitness.

As if you couldn’t love a company anymore, Fodada also has amazing programs for families.

Such as:

Dad and Me – A program for fathers and their kids to play and build together, strengthening their bond.

Red Beanie Campaign – Heart Disease is the number one killer in the world and Fodada offers red beanies to hospitals to remind men they need to do everything they can to last the long haul, and that includes taking care of your heart. When dads see the red beanie given to their newborn, it reminds them to get their health check.

Women’s Self-Defense Day – Programs for men are not Fodada’s only focus. Fodada also takes part in a Women’s Empowerment Day, when women can take part in 2 self-defense classes.

Dad’s Prison System – Fodada works with the prison system and helps incarcerated dads be an involved father even if they are behind bars.

Fodada is more than a fashion brand. It’s a movement to create more dialogue about mental health and improve mental fitness. It’s a company that gives back in large ways. And it’s run by a fantastic dad who has made his family the priority.

Fodada shirts make great Father’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, or simply wanting a great new t-shirt in your collection. Click here to peruse through the Fodada store and make a purchase.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Fodada to promote the clothing brand. The opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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