Taking Necessary “Me Time” at Black Button Distilling

There are many great things about having teenagers and one of those things is that you can leave them alone. Another great thing is they make excellent babysitters if you also have younger kids. My teens are great with their younger siblings, which makes it easy for me to have a little alone time whenever we go on vacation.

When I’m on vacation with kids, I spent almost every second of my day around them. And that’s normal and great. It’s what we (parents) signed up for when we travel with kids. When we were in Rochester, NY, I needed some alone time. I checked with my 17-year-old son to see if he was up for babysitting and he assured me he was, so I left the kids behind in the hotel room and hitched a ride with Uber to Black Button Distilling.

Jason Barrett founded black Button Distilling in 2012 when he was only 24-years-old and opened the doors to the tasting room in 2014. All of Black Button’s ingredients are locally grown and their spirits are bottled, labeled, and numbered in Rochester.



When I arrived at Black Button’s tasting room, my eyes focused on the bourbon tasting choice. Black Button also makes gin and liqueur. I’ve been down the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky and have tasted bourbon from around the United States and I can honestly say Black Button Distillery’s bourbon is fantastic. After my bourbon tasting, I tried the gin and it was also delicious. I immediately thought it would be a great gin for my Gimlet recipe.

If your bourbon stock has gone down and you’re going to replace the empty spaces, order a bottle from Black Button Distilling. My favorite is the Bottled in Bond.

Black Button Distilling also sells mixing kits, which will help you be the perfect host at your next party.

After my trip to Black Button Distilling, I was recharged to happily continue with my vacation. Parents need time to themselves, even on vacation. If you take my suggestion and vacation with your kids while in Rochester, get a babysitter for the night and visit Black Button Distilling. Or, if you are visiting the local wineries and breweries in the Rochester area, take a break from wine and visit Black Button’s tasting room.

Disclaimer: I partnered with Visit Rochester for this story. 

While you’re in Rochester, make sure you visit the Genessee County Village & Museum.

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