The iPad is the Perfect Gift For Just About Everyone

One of the best gifts you can buy is an Apple iPad. Here’s the number one reason: Versatility.

For Travelers: The iPad is a blessing for travelers. It’s much smaller than my laptop, so it easily fits into my backpack to work on the plane, in the car, and at the beach. Yes, I do like to write while reclining in the sand. If my kids are along, I can load up movies for them to watch or they can play one of the gazillion games at their disposal. It makes road trips a lot easier.

For Campers: We take the iPad camping for rainy days. We love to reconnect with nature, but when you have a tent full of wet kids, the iPad comes in handy.

For Virtual Learning: We’ve all had enough of virtual learning. I have absolutely hated schooling my kids over virtual learning. My kids are back in school now, but the threat of returning to virtual learning lingers. While my kids were home, they conducted their classes over iPads.

For Writers: I sit next to soccer fields 3 times a week for practice. That’s a lot of time to sit. I take advantage of my sitting to work on various writing projects. I’m able to write blog posts and a book that I’ve been working on easily. And since the iPad is light and doesn’t take up much space, I slip into my kid’s soccer bag.


For Fun: Traveling, writing, and educational purposes are reasons enough to purchase an iPad. The enjoyment factor shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides playing video games, my kids can use the iPencil for art projects, music apps to compose music, and fitness apps to get in shape.


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If you’re looking to get a gift for someone that will knock their socks off, the iPad is beyond the perfect gift. You can also treat yourself with one

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Disclaimer: I have partnered with Apple for this story. The story and ideas are my own. 

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