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Apple Needs to Make These Products Now

I have a spot on my shelf where my wallet, keys, and iPhone go as soon as I walk through the door. There is a charging station where my Apple Watch and my AirPods go when I’m not using them. And yet, sometimes, I can’t find any of those things. If it wasn’t for the “pinging” sound I desperately call out for, who knows how many times I would leave the house without those precious items.

If I lose my iPhone somewhere in the house, I simply speak into my watch and ask my best friend, Siri, “Find my phone.” And she pings it. If I can’t find my watch, I ask Siri through my phone. Same result. Also, I can find my AirPods the same way. Siri is so helpful, that the items don’t even need to be in my home to locate.

A few months ago, while at Walt Disney World with my family, I was riding the Aerosmith roller coaster. At some point, my watch came off. I think it happened at the end when I was sliding my arms out from under the harness. After regrouping with my kids and walking outside the ride, I realized my watch was missing. I checked on my iPhone to see where my watch was and a marker showed it was still on the ride. I went back to the exit by the ride and asked the very helpful employees if they found my watch. And they did. The same thing happened at the zoo once, but that’s a different story with the same ending.

A month ago, my son placed his AirPods into his bag before playing soccer at the park. When he finished, he picked up his bag, and the AirPods fell out. When he got home, he checked on his iPhone to see where the AirPods were and went back to find them.

Since Apple helps me find so many things, I request Apple make more products so I don’t lose them. Here are the 10 products that I want Apple to make.

  1. Apple Car: Who isn’t surprised Apple hasn’t made one yet? I live in NYC and I have to move the car because of alternate side parking. Many times, my days run together and I forget where I parked. I’ve spent countless minutes patrolling the streets of New York in search of my car. On one occasion, the city towed it! It took a while before I found out where it was. If I had an Apple Car, all I would need to do is check the app on my iPhone and find it. No more aimless searching. And who hasn’t lost their car in a parking garage and least once? This would be handy.
  2. Apple Car Keychain: My family is a single car family and car keys are shared. This means that car keys go missing often. Yes, there’s a hook for the keys, but they don’t always make their way to the hook. If I had an Apple Car Keychain, I’d ask Siri to ping it, and the stress of rummaging through the house would be over.
  3. Apple TV Remote: I have 4 kids and occasionally (daily), the remote goes missing. How convenient would it be if the remote made a sound for me to follow? That way, I could find it the first time I stick my hands into the couch’s cushions.
  4. Apple Jacket: If I’m not wearing my favorite jacket, it should be in one of two places; the hook in the hallway or in my closet. But it isn’t always in those places. Apple Jacket would help me get warm in a hurry if I misplaced it.
  5. Apple Shoes: Again, I’m surprised there isn’t an Apple Shoe. It could count your steps and tell you when you need to replace them. I’m thinking more about my kids though. Every morning, I run an obstacle course throughout the house in search of my lovely children’s shoes. Minutes away from leaving, I’m tossing around furniture and bags in search of the one pair of shoes that still fit my daughter’s feet. A pinging sound would be helpful.
  6. Apple Can Opener: It’s in the drawer, but still hidden. Utensils get shoved around, but no can opener is insight. Yet, it’s in that drawer somewhere. A noise erupting from the drawer would help get those cans of beans open in no time.
  7. Apple Pet Collars: “Is the cat under the bed? Did the cat escape? Is it on a bed? Where could that cat be? Oh, let’s check my iPhone Pet App. There she is.” How nice would that be?
  8. Apple Book Bag: “Hey, grab your bookbag?” “I can’t find it.” Two sentences that occur often in my house. “Book Bag” can also be replaced with “Soccer Bag.” I don’t know how they lose their backpacks. Yet, they do. Once again, Siri could give a dad an assist with this one.
  9. Apple Ball: Before every soccer practice and game, we go on a ball hunt. My kids play soccer and each one has their own ball. The balls also get played with a lot. So, we spend a good amount of time looking under tables and in the backyard for that special ball. A ball locator would be great.
  10. Apple Kids: I could buy each of my kids an iPhone and Apple Watch and be able to know where they are at all times, but that would be so intrusive. Instead, just download an app into their brain and I’ll be able to check my “Where’s my kid app?” and know right where they are. If they take a detour after school or if they go to a friend’s house, I would know. No more worrying when they don’t show up when they’re supposed to. I’m not exactly sure how you could download an app into a brain, but it’s probably coming.

Thank you, Apple, for helping me find my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Now please get started on these other things.

Disclaimer: I am an Apple Partner, but this Apple Wishlist is all my own.

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