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Answering Calls in the Ocean with My Apple Watch

My Apple Watch rang as I stood in the ocean while bobbing up and down over waves with my kids. I looked at my watch and noticed it was my oldest son. I answered by tapping the face of the watch and my son asked the important question, “What are we having for lunch?” I answered and went back to swimming.

Sometimes I feel like a dad version of James Bond with gadgets at my ready disposal. Or maybe Captain Kirk would be a better example. Some people might not want to be so available all the time, but it helps when you need to be accessible. When your 17-year-old son is hungry, it’s an important call.

I started wearing an Apple Watch to track my workouts and how many calories I was burning as part of my new fitness routine. It works great for tracking and motivating me. It’s also nice that I can leave my phone at home and use my watch to listen to music while I run. The watch offers me the biggest assist to be in better shape. Being able to answer a call on my watch has been a tremendous bonus.

Since the Apple Watch can dive under 50 meters of water, jumping waves with my kids is no big deal. I can also make a call or text in the water if the need arises. And calling those at the blanket during our beach vacation came in handy often.

I’ve been singing praises about my Apple Watch on social media and on this blog for a while now and continue to be amazed at what the watch can do. If you’re looking for an all-purpose watch that also looks good, treat yourself with an Apple Watch. The watch also makes a magnificent gift for those you love.

Disclaimer: I am an Apple Partner, but the story is true. 

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