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Answering Questions about Running With Apple AirPods

Every time I work out or run, I pop my Apple AirPods into my ears. I have done that so often, that’s it’s strange if I work out without them. Since I share my fitness journey on Instagram, my AirPods make a regular appearance. Because the AirPods always show up, I get asked a lot of questions about running with them or working out while wearing them.

Below are many of the questions I get and I hope I can answer yours. If you have a question that I don’t answer, please share your question in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Q: Do they fall out easily while you run?
A: No, they don’t. I have never had an AirPod fall out while running or lifting weights.

Q: Can sweat damage them?
A: I sweat a lot. I sweat just thinking about running. They still work perfectly.

Q: Can you hear cars?
A: Yes, I can hear what’s going on around me. I live in NYC and need to be aware of cars and bikes. Occasionally, I drift off into my own world, but I can still hear a car if I’m in the way.

Q: Can you hear podcasts clearly while running?
A: Yes, I often listen to comedy podcasts while I run, like Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, WTF with Marc Maron, May I Elaborate with JB Smoove, and Mike Birbiglia’s Working it Out. I always hear everything clearly.

Q: Do you have problems listening to music?
A: Never. Much like the podcasts, the music is clear and sounds great.

Q: What is the battery life like?
A: The AirPods battery lets you listen to 5 hours of music. If you need to use them longer, you can pop the AirPods back into their case and after charging for 15 minutes, you’ll have an additional 3 hours of listening time. After every use, I charge them, so I always have something to listen to on my runs.

Q: Can they get wet?
A: No, they are not waterproof. I have not had an issue with them while running in the rain, but I wouldn’t advise getting them wet.

Q: How’s the microphone?
A: The microphone is great and I usually use my AirPods when I am a guest on a podcast.

Q: Can you answer a phone call on your AirPods?
A: Yes, and it’s quite easy. If someone calls you, double-tap either AirPod. Double-tap again to hang up.

Q: How do you change the volume?
A: I usually ask Siri to turn the volume up or down while I’m running. You can also do it on your iPhone, but you won’t need to break stride with Siri.

I love running with my Apple AirPods and am disappointed on those few runs when I forgot to charge them. The only time they’ve ever fallen out of my ears is if I forget to take them off before taking my shirt off. The shirt always clips them and they come out. So don’t do that. I hope I’ve answered your question.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Apple for this review. As always, the thoughts, words, and pictures are my own. 


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