WWE Stackdown Undertaker’s Entrance Play set: Toy Review

Undertaker StackdownFinally, Construction toys have come to the WWE. (I was trying to impersonate the Rock there, in case you missed it.) Out of all the toys from the WWE, these are my favorite. Construction toys of all kind are huge right now and so putting them in the WWE Universe makes perfect sense. Kids (and adults) can put together the characters, along with their personal sets, and bring the characters to life. I’m sure kids that follow the WWE will enjoy impersonating their favorite wrestlers as they square their toys off. And if someone’s body part happens to pop off, it’s simple enough to snap it back in place.

I was given the Undertaker’s Play set from The Bridge Direct. The set depicts Undertaker’s “Old School” persona complete with a motorcycle. A ring can also be purchased and is on my radar of things to buy. I can only imagine the fun involved in constructing a WWE ring out of blocks.

Price: $14.99

* The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.


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