WWE Rumble Fists and John Cena Punching Bag: Toy Review

Rumble FistsThis past year my children discovered the joys of the WWE. My 10 and 8 year old are now big fans of the WWE, and especially John Cena and Dolph Ziggler, two WWE superstars. So my kids were thrilled to receive two of the WWE’s newest toys from Tech 4 Kids; Rumble Fists and the John Cena Spar Bag.

WWE villains have been using John Cena as a punching bag for over a decade. Now your kids can sock him in his jaw, as well. The punching bag is just like the bags that I grew up with as a kid – when punched, it bounces back up to take another hit. Kind of like Cena. But unlike Cena, this bag might spring a leak if pounded too hard for a long period of time. My daughter gave one too many of her green belt kicks and the water that weights the bag began dribbling out. We ended up emptying the water, but we still use the bag even though it isn’t waited down. Leaks are not uncommon in punching bags and I have yet to see one that can hold the water. Or maybe I have future WWE Superstars in my home and they simply do not know their own strength.

Rumble Fists 3

The Rumble Fists go well with the punching bag and can be used like boxing gloves. The gloves have Ziggler’s name across the wrist, but other than that have little to do with the crazy bumping superstar. One of the gloves makes a hitting noise every time it moves abruptly and has something to grip inside the glove.

For those who have active kids who need ways to channel their energy, the punching bag/Rumble Gloves combo is an obvious choice.


*Disclaimer: Tech 4 Kids provided me with samples for review. The opinions are my own.

Rumble Fists 2


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