John Cena 31 Inch Collectible Figure: Toy Review

John Cena figureIt would be hard to miss the giant WWE Superstar John Cena figure from Wicked Cool Toys – at 31 inches, it’s the size of a small child. It has surprised me a few times as I rounded a dark corner in the house at night. This huge toy with moveable arms, legs, and neck is a fun way to entertain the WWE fans in your house.

My two year old quickly took ownership of the Cena toy, which he affectionately calls “My John Cena.” He likes to swing it around, use it against punching bags, or imagine it’s a giant Godzilla-like toy as it smashes cars and other toys. It would be fun if there were similar toys that the Cena toy could wrestle with, but as of right now, there are none. But I guess that’s why it is called a “collectible” figure and not an “action” figure.

I was actually surprised with how much my toddler enjoys this toy. My older kids played with it for a little while, but their interest didn’t last long. My toddler, however, uses it like a doll and plays with it a lot. And at night it often makes its way into bed with him. It is quite cute to watch him play with it. There are a lot of John Cena fans in the world and this toy would make a lot of them very happy.

“Lets Go Cena!”

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for my review, but the opinions are my own.

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