The Lake ‘N” Pines Motel in Cooperstown: The Perfect Place to Stay With Kids

When you’re vacationing with kids, the place where you sleep needs as much consideration as what you do while on vacation. Because I have 4 kids, not only do I need to find a place where all my kids can sleep comfortably, but I need a place that has onsite activities. The hotel/motel/B&B that we choose is a place to come back to and unwind after touring. Since I am a travel blogger, I need to do a little work while traveling. To get work accomplished, I need to wear out my kids. The Lake ‘N’ Pines Motel in Cooperstown fit all of our needs and was the perfect place for us to stay.

The first question my kids ask on the way to a hotel/motel is, “Is there a pool?” The Lake ‘N’ Pines Motel has an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. We used both and the pool did what I needed it to do. It made my kids tired. All parents know this as the goal of a hotel pool. My youngest kids were tired after splashing and jumping around and went right to sleep each night.



Lake ‘N’ Pines sits alongside Otsego Lake and boaters can tie their boat up at the dock. Guests can also rent kayaks to take out on the lake right from the Lake ‘N’ Pines dock. Our room had a deck overlooking Otsego Lake, that I used as a workspace while listening to all the lovely lake noises. The deck and lake background was also a pleasant spot to enjoy a glass of bourbon from Cooperstown Distillery.

What pushed Lake ‘N’ Pines to the top of the Best Place To Stay Meter, wasn’t the great pools or the lake, it was Cornhole. While we were walking around the premises, we came across Cornhole where we played each day for a very long time. In fact, while we were on one of our tours, one of my kids looked up at me and asked if we could leave to play more Cornhole.

If you are looking to stay in Cooperstown and are traveling with kids, check into the Lake ‘N’ Pines Motel. It’s close to downtown Cooperstown, has magnificent views of Lake Otsego, and a plethora of activities. And you never know, you might have a budding Cornhole player.

To book a room at the Lake ‘N’ Pines Motel, click here.

Disclaimer: I was hosted at the Lake ‘N’ Pines Motel for our Cooperstown vacation. The words and photos are my own.

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