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Bonding With My Sons Over NBA2K21

Last year, a major bonding moment occurred between my sons (ages 16 & 8) and I. My 16-year-old went to Best Buy and came back with NBA2K20. Other than FIFA, all of my son’s games are action-type games. Not really games that you can sit alongside and compete. So when he showed me the game he purchased, my eyes lit up. It was time for me to dust off my years of basketball video game knowledge and teach my kids some lessons old school style. What followed was a butt-whipping from both my sons to me. Turns out the old school style is great, except for video games.

Another thing that happened after NBA2K entered my house. My 8-year-old got to know all the players. And so when I watched NBA games, he was happy to sit next to me and watch because he was familiar with the players. The father/son bonding continued.

When Nintendo reached out to work with me on promoting NBA2K21 on the Nintendo Switch, it was a no-brainer for me. It’s a game we all love and play. While we play, my sons and I talk trash and occasionally get up and dance for our celebrations. For me, NBA2K1 is more than a game to keep us entertained. It gives us moments of having fun while competing, and more importantly, bonding.

If you’re trying to decide which gaming system to buy the game on, I always think you should look for the Nintendo Switch option, because of the ability to continue gameplay after unplugging from the TV. We are on the go quite often with soccer games, practices, and road trips. The Switch always accompanies us to keep my kids from stating, “I’m bored.” To purchase NBA2K21, click here.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Nintendo for this review, however, the story and sentiment are my own.

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