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Staying Home and Staying in Shape: Jogging with my new BOB Revolution SE

Once upon a time, I could walk into a gym whenever I wanted and work out for as long as I wanted. After working up a good sweat, I’d leave the gym feeling healthier, both physically and mentally. The problem I face now is one that many other stay-at-home parents share – there is no time in the day to work out. Grabbing a few minutes here and there to work out never lasts and the only way to go for a run is to get up before everyone else does. And who feels like running after being up during the night with the kiddos? That, and breakfast doesn’t make itself.

After feeling dumpier and dumpier, I’ve decided to set some goals for myself to get back in shape. I’ve never been one to work out just for the sake of having bigger biceps and triceps. I love to be active, but need a goal to shoot for. So I decided that I’d start training to participate in a Tough Mudder event. (Tough Mudder is a race where the competitors run through 13 miles of mud and obstacle courses.)

revolution-se-48The 13 miles seemed easy when I was signing up for the event, but then the realization set in that I am completely out of shape and the race is only two months away. With 3 kids – one of whom is 18 months old – there is no way that I can simply go for a run every day. I was back in the same predicament. I want to exercise, but I can’t because of the kids. Waking up early in the morning was a failure. Then, thankfully I was able to get my hands on a BOB Revolution SE jogging stroller.

As I opened the box and looked at my new stroller, I felt as though I was getting a new car. Finally, I had the means to become healthier and get my cardio up for the big race.  My 18 month old loves being pushed around in the new stroller. The faster I go, the more he laughs. Most of the time while I’m pushing him, he is babbling about everything that he sees. Running through the park gives him plenty to point at and talk about. And barking at dogs brings him quite a bit of enjoyment.

Since I’ve been jogging with my toddler, I’ve been amazed at how fast the meters fly by. In the past when I’ve ran, I’ve listened to music or daydreamed. With my toddler, I’m talking and interacting as I run. It’s like I’ve got a new running buddy that doesn’t actually run.

Now that I’m jogging almost every day, I’m feeling better physically. The mental part is debatable. I’m still quite a ways off from being able to pull off 13 miles, but I’m getting there.



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