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Just Keep Typing… Just Keep Typing (Dory’s words of wisdom arrive as I stare at an empty screen)

Looking into the void of a WordPress screen, nothing appears in my mind. Realizing I must place something out into the webs, my fried brain keeps me from placing together thoughts in a well-thought-out piece. “What do I talk about?” I challenge myself. Trump? No, I’ve said enough. Christmas? Nah, the season is over and nobody cares anymore about what I have to report. Being tired? Well, everybody is drained and the last thing someone wishes to read is about someone else being exhausted.

Then what should I write about? I see my readership going down because I have nothing to say and my followers are drifting away quicker than Dorothy left Kansas for Oz. My head swirls in determining what to write about. Surely, I have something to add for the New Year.
The best material I can claim about the New Year is that 2018 is over. I had a horrendous 2018. My world was full of hardships and I’m not certain if 2019 will be much different. Throughout 2018, I had to stay the course and let the waves beat against me while struggling to put up a facade for my children. Running them around helped to block out personal matters and watching them shine in their various areas brought me joy during hardships.
I would love to waltz into 2019 with my head held high and shoulders back, but the pressure of 2018 continues to weigh me down. I’ve taken steps in seeking counseling and working on my anxiety and I’m hopeful those self-care attempts will restore me and end 2019 with satisfaction.
For all those coping with depression and discouragement as you begin a new year, know you are not alone. We can get through it. Take care of yourselves and those around you. Stay active. And when you don’t realize you have anything to add, think long enough and something might come up. And if nothing works out, type. Like Dory says in Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming.” Except in this situation, just keep typing. You never know where your words will lead.
There, my screen isn’t blank anymore.


  1. 2018 sucked for a lot of us. Lots of change, lots of dumpster fires.
    Don’t ever forget that your friends have your back. We’ve been there, smashed that.
    If you fall, we’ll be right there to pick you up and belly up to the bar with you.
    And yes, just keep typing.

  2. I’m with you, buddy. I did a fair amount of typing in 2018 and I have to make sure I keep it going in 2019. The new year is off to an inauspicious start for me but I’m hoping the typing will be one way to make it turn around.

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