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The Winter is the Best Time to Buy a Vacation Home

My family goes on a ski trip every January and a few years ago we rented a home instead of a hotel room. Now, whenever we ski, my kids compare the hotel we stay at to the home we rented. Since we were renting a home, we had more ways to stretch out, which is nice because I have a large family. We could wash our smelly ski clothes inside the house instead of hoping to catch a washer and dryer in a hotel. And every skier/snowboarder knows the smell of a pile of putrid clothes after a week on the slopes.

After being spoiled at that house, we have been considering investing in our own ski getaway. And it turns out that now is the time to buy that perfect snowy paradise. According to, vacation home discounts go way up in December. After browsing through Vacasa’s top list of locations, I daydreamed of wintry getaways close to the slopes. Writing by a cozy fire as snow swirls around in the frosty wind sounds dreamy. Imagining my kids sipping on hot chocolate after a day of making snowmen and snowball fights increase my interest in Vacasa’s opportunities.
Living in New York City, life can be extra stressful. Vacasa has great deals in Vermont that looks like it would touch both of the needs I need. A place to strap on the snowboard and skis and a snug place to relax by the fire and write that book I’ve been working to wrap up.
Buying a holiday home sounds great not merely because it could serve us with the ideal getaway, but would produce income while we are not using it. Vacasa has surveyed rental markets and discovered many locations were on the threshold of exploding in the tourism market. And I can say as someone who vacations during the winter, that I have seen a surge in tourism during winter.
If you are considering buying a vacation home, check out Vacasa. I enjoyed dreaming while going through their 3D images of the homes. Go ahead and dream too.

Disclaimer: I partnered with Vacasa on this review, but the words are my own.

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  1. Well, it depends on where You live. We bought ours from Oulu, Finland. I know that You never had heard about this town, which offers in winter reindeer races which are unique in the world and free for participants.

    Reindeer race

    Happy holidays!

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