Joy Organics CBD Products Help me Feel Normal Again

To say that I’ve had a hard and stressful year would be an understatement. As an empath, changes and stress hit hard. It affects my sleep, my digestive system, and pretty much every part of my being. For a long time, I didn’t sleep well and I couldn’t eat. I was nauseous and tired every day, all day. I’m in therapy and take medications, but sometimes I need something else to relax.

Joy Organics contacted me to see if I was interested in testing out their CBD products. I’m a big believer in CBD, as I’ve used it in the past. I looked through their products and tried out CBD softgels, CBD softgels with melatonin, CBD sports cream, CBD massage oil, CBD bath bombs, and Delta-9 THC gummies.

Since I’ve been using Joy Organics products, here’s how they have helped me.

CBD Softgels with Melatonin: I’ve had trouble sleeping since I was 10. At night, my mind races from one thing to another. It might not even be bad thoughts. As soon as my brain hits the pillow, I think about all the things that went wrong that day, all the things that could go wrong the next day, and everything I need to do. With these softgels, I’m out. It really has been a breath of sleepy fresh air since I’ve started taking them.

My aches and Pains. I’m 48 and I run and workout regularly. This means my body is in a constant state of pain. To combat my pain, I’ve been using CBD Bath Bombs on those days my legs and back hate me. I use CBD Sports Cream on my sore muscles and joints. And for those days the knots in my legs just won’t give up, I use CBD Body Oil.

For my nauseousness and anxiety on days when my mind is racing and my stomach feels like it’s going to heave, I take Full Spectrum Softgels. My body becomes relaxed and after a while, my stomach can receive food again.

And on those days when I am very stressed out and nothing seems to help, I use CBD THC Gummies. They help me feel human again and able to chill out and take on my daily duties.

CBD isn’t for everyone and if you have questions if you should take them or have concerns, of course the first person you should talk to is your doctor. My physician, therapist, and psychiatrist are all fine with me taking CBD supplements and are happy with the results.

If you’re my age, chances are you’re going through your fair share of stressful moments. If you’re having trouble with sleep, nauseousness, relaxation, and body aches, check out Joy Organics products.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Joy Organics for this post and links are affiliate links.

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