Gardening Made Easy with Sunnydaze Raised Garden Beds

It’s springtime, which means I’ve got dirt under my fingernails and I’m trying to grow things in my backyard. I’m always hopeful at the start of spring that by the time I’m in the middle of summer, I’ve got fresh vegetables to eat. Some years, I fulfill that hope. Others, I’m still running to the farmer’s market for my veggies.

This year, I’ve got hope for my garden because I’m using a Sunnydaze galvanized steel raised garden bed kit. I have a small NYC backyard. Which means it’s an all-purpose yard where there’s a small garden and a basketball hoop and soccer goal. The backyard garden takes a pounding. With the Sunnydaze steel raised garden, the vegetables are protected from soccer balls. There’s still a chance a basketball makes its way into the raised bed.

I hear often about the benefits of being out in the sun. That being in the sun not only gives you a dose of Vitamin D but also is good for your mental health. And to be honest, that’s my main reason for gardening. It relaxes me and lifts me up. And now, I’ll be able to return to the garden and not see soccer ball marks streaking through it.

To order your Sunnydaze raised garden bed, click here.

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Disclaimer: I have partnered with Sunnydaze and Apogee Agency for this review. The story and photos are my own. Links are affiliate links.

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