The Venta Humidifier is a Must For Those with Pets and Allergies

My kids wore me down with their begging. I didn’t want a cat. There was nothing in my family’s history that caused me to believe they would take care of the pet. After the thousandth request, they broke me. We added a cat named Endy.

I didn’t want a dog. I knew who would feed the dog. Brush the dog. Wash the dog. Detick the dog. And so, we have a dog named Dobby. And I spend a good chunk of my day sweeping up pet hair, wiping pet hair, and cleaning pet dander off everything.  And when you have a pet, you breathe the dander in. Pet dander is skin cells that flake off animals and goes into your lungs! How gross is that?

I have run humidifiers in my living room, bedroom, and basement. Humidifiers are great, but most of them don’t clean the air that well. Living in New York City, the pollution from the outside makes it’s way into my home. It is no wonder my kids are constantly sniffling.

When I heard about Venta products, more specifically, the Venta Humidifier, I thought, “Is it really possible to clean the air?” After owning one and running it constantly, I can attest the air in my home is in fact cleaner.

Here’s how the Venta Humidifier works:

Discs rotate inside a tray of water inside the machine. Doing this, the Venta appliance evaporates clean water into the air. While the discs are rotating, they also trap dust, pollen, and dander in the water basin. Those things are then washed in the water and collected. You toss those out. It’s shocking to see how much is in the water.

Humidifiers are great for those of us in New York City and other urban areas. Pollution is bad where we live and that can harm our children. People with lung issues will also benefit from having cleaner air. My allergies have also benefited from having one. With every season change, my nose runs and I get headaches. The Venta Humidifier has been helpful in limiting those issues by naturally reducing indoor air pollutants. Now that we’ve entered the colder months, air flow is limited. We’re breathing and passing around air pollutants. Limiting those will keep our sniffling to a minimum during the holiday seasons.  If only Venta made a product to take care of my pets. Until then, I’ll appreciate the cleaner air Venta provides.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Venta for this review. The story and pets are my own.

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