The Suvie Kitchen Robot is Making Meal Planning a Whole Lot Easier

It seems parents are busier than ever. There are more demands and expectations than ever before. We’re expected to enroll our kids in a plethora of sports, extracurricular activities, classes, and numerous school functions. It’s never ending. And it’s exhausting.

I hit a rut this year. For some reason, this year seemed harder in the meal planning department. My son has soccer practice three days a week plus games and my daughter has gymnastics two days a week. Throw in the occasional school event and I’m cooked. My kids and I ordered out a lot this year and my bank account proved it. Ordering out was just easier because it was one less thing to plan. I carried a lot of parental guilt for that.

When I heard about the Suvie Kitchen Robot, I knew it had to be a new kitchen toy for me. After the heavy box arrived at my house, I quickly plopped it on my kitchen countertop and went to work. Work is putting it lightly, because Suvie makes feeding your family super easy.

Here’s how Suvie works:

Suvie keeps your food cold in the oven until it’s time to cook. That’s right, it’s a refrigerator and an oven. On my busy days, I like to put the frozen meal in the oven and set the time for when I want to eat. That is an early dinner at 5 or a later dinner at 8:00, depending on our day. That way, I don’t have to worry about meal preparation or cleaning up a bunch of pots and pans.

Meal prep is about as easy as you can get. I order meals through Suvie’s website and pick out which meals are best for us that month. They arrive at your house frozen. I have scheduled meals ahead of time and I’ve popped a meal in the oven with a plan to eat right away. Doesn’t matter, it’s always tasty and cooked to perfection. My family has loved every Suvie meal.

The Suvie Kitchen Robot is a dining room game changer.

Suvie owners can also use their smart phones to make sure meals are ready when you’re ready. If only I had this oven around when my oldest was still home. It’s so easy to use, he could’ve made himself a lot of great late night meals and desserts.

To order your Suvie Kitchen Robot, click here.


Suvie has made feeding my busy family a lot easier. Doesn’t matter if its frozen or bot, just pop it into the cooker and go. When youre ready, the food is resdy. And everything has been delicious. #Suvie #cooking #oven #dadlife #yum #mealprep #food #love #family #cook #fyp #foodie #lifehack #dads #kitchenrobot #smartoven #quickmeals #busylife #home #foodtiktok #homecooking #foodtok

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Disclaimer: I have partnered with Suvie for this review. The story is my own.



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