Flutterbye: Toy Review

Flutterbye FairyMy daughter and her friend sat next to me anxiously as I opened the box to the Flutterbye fairy from Spin Master. My expectations for the toy were quite low because in my experience most flying toys do not quite live up to their hype. After bugging me for about a half hour as the toy charged, the kids were ready to test out the Flutterbye.

One reason that I’m not a fan of flying toys is because it seems that most of them are too complex for kids and just as they get the hang of it, the toy crashes and breaks. Not so with Flutterbye.  The Flutterbye is incredibly easy to operate, since you simply place your hand underneath the toy to direct the flight. I found myself begging for a turn with the toy as the kids jumped around and played with it. I was impressed with how much fun this toy can be.

Pros: The toy worked great as my daughter pretended to be controlling the fairy.

Cons: The charge does not last long and it takes a while for the toy to be fully charged back up. The toy also goes through batteries quite fast.

Price: $34.99

Age Suggestion: 6 and up.

* The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.


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