The Shnoozles: Toy Review

The Shnoozles: Sleep Time Plush

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I had the pleasure of talking to the brains behind The Shnoozles at the NYC Toy Fair and was able to bring two Shnoozles home. I gave a brown one to my one year old boy and a pink one to my 6 year old daughter. I wasn’t sure if they would appreciate these toys because they have so many other stuffed animals scattered throughout their bedrooms. My one year old instantly loved his Shnoozle and hugged it and pulled on the eyelids. My 6 year old daughter then confiscated his Shnoozle and played with the two together. Since the toy fair, she puts them both to bed each night by reading the book that came with the toys and she closes their eyes as she puts them to bed. It’s quite sweet to watch. Putting the Shnoozles to bed has become part of our bedtime routine, which has helped the overall bedtime routine.

Rating on a 1 to 10 scale: 8

The toys are very soft and the eyes can be closed by pulling down the eyelids. They also come with a book that details The Shnoozles bedtime routine.

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