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Snorkeling with an Apple Watch

I love snorkeling and just started scuba diving, but I only go a few times a year. It’s fun to know how far you’re going down when snorkeling (most scuba apparatuses should show you), but I don’t want to buy a diving watch. I don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on a watch that you only use a couple of weeks a year.

No problem.

My Apple Watch Series 7 is water resistant and can reach depths of 50 meters. That is plenty deep and snorkelers don’t go anywhere near that depth. I enjoyed seeing how deep I could go before the pressure started bothering my head. It wasn’t that deep. I used DiveWatch – Dive Tracker for Apple Watch. It was perfect for what I needed.

Answering calls in the ocean with my Apple Watch.

Our trip schedule was flexible, but it was still important to have some idea about what time it was. While on our vacation in the British Virgin Islands, we had a general idea of when to make it back to the boat. It was helpful to have a waterproof watch while snorkeling and while hanging out on the beach.

10 Ways Apple Watch Assists Runners

If you’re looking for a smartwatch to take to the beach and for water sports, an Apple Watch is a good watch to go with. Invest in a stronger watch band though than the one that comes with the watch.

Finding My Apple Watch at the Zoo and the Quest to Find It.


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