Searching for a Healthy and Quick Breakfast

It happens in homes all across the world. Parents wake up and stare at a clock that says time is running out. We jump out of bed and run to our kid’s room and do our best to get them up and going. Unfortunately there is one task that has to be done. And they say it’s the most important thing you’ll do all day and that is eat breakfast. It sets you up for the day. So what do you do with minutes ticking down. I’ll confess that in moments of desperation, I’ve fed my kids some pretty horrible things. Here’s my top 5 worst things I’ve ever fed my kids for breakfast.

  1. Peanut butter in a bowl – No bread. No crackers. Just a plain old spoon and peanut butter.
  2. Left over pizza – Come on, who hasn’t done that?
  3. Cake – Don’t judge, Bill Cosby has a whole routine on doing that.
  4. Cookies – An oatmeal cookie is close to oatmeal… right?
  5. Pop tarts – Come on, let’s not pretend they’re any better than cookies or cake.

rock drinking milkSo what’s a busy guy to do when the pressure is on to find a quick nutritious breakfast for the kids?  Well, there’s something to be said for good old fashioned milk, when paired with something healthy like fruit, whole-grain toast, or low sugar cereal.  (Yes, I know there are milk haters out there, and you can go eat a pop tart or piece of cake instead).  Check out the latest ad campaign by Milk Mustache comparing milk to the other breakfast contenders.

And what about you? What’s the worst thing you have ever given your kids for breakfast?

Do you have any healthy breakfast tips of your own? Please share.

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