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Now You Can Workout Like a Rockette For Free

I’ve been searching for innovative approaches to occupy my kids’ attention during the day so I can get my work done. I mean, I’ve been searching for alternative means to educate my children and to provide them with physical exertion to help them achieve their mental and physical goals.  Over the past month, I’ve posted articles listing zoos with live cams, how to manage a day of homeschooling, apps for parents to use while teaching, and apps to use for gym class. Recently, another approach to exercising caught my attention. 

Enter the Rockettes!

The Rockettes are taking working out at home to a new level. Through their Instagram account, Rockettes lead viewers through various exercises at 12:00 during Instagram Live sessions. Ever have a desire to do the high kicks? Well, now you can. Actually, that might take a little longer than doing a Rockettes workout for 30 days. The exercises are fun to do with kids or by yourself. Either way, it will help you have a new appreciation for Radio City Music Hall’s greatest performers.

Now, if only I could have a diet like a Rockette.

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