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We have a cute little yellow lab mix named Dobby. He received his name after the Harry Potter elf who has orb-like eyes and long pointy ears. My Pennsylvania Dutch family members, however, have a hard time remembering his name and call him, “Doppy,” PA Dutch for clumsy.

I was adamantly against getting a dog. My kids begged me daily if we could get a dog. The thing is, I love dogs. I grew up with dogs and have wonderful memories of spending time with my dog. The reason I didn’t want a puppy was being a work-at-home dad, I didn’t prefer to have one more thing to do. My family said they would take care of the dog and I bought it. After the family looked through a local dog adoption page, we decided on Dobby, who was going by a different name. My wife suggested the new name before we picked him up.

After making contact with the adoption agency, we made an arrangement to meet Dobby and the entire family had to be there. We picked a day when my oldest wasn’t playing soccer and drove to Brooklyn to meet the foster family that was taking care of the puppy. It was instant love between Dobby and my youngest child. We agreed that Dobby was a good fit and we left that night with a four-month-old puppy.

Dobby fits right in with our crazy household. He is a playful pup and joins in our wrestling matches. He is great at playing catch and was easily housebroken. But it took Dobby and I a long time to bond. I walked him, picked up his poop, and fed him, but that was it.

Then, one day, it happened. I was having a migraine day and spread out on the couch. I was alone in the house and was resting with a cold pack on my head. As usual, when I’m on the couch, Dobby brought a ball to me and placed it next to my hand. I moved my arm and bumped the ball to the floor. The puppy tried again, and I knocked it down once more. Then Dobby placed his head on the couch next to my chest and I rubbed his head a little. Thinking he had an invitation, the large puppy pulled himself onto the couch and dropped his body next to mine. I continued to rub behind his ears until I fell asleep. When I woke up, Dobby was still snuggled up against me. 

Dobby has become part of the family now. He goes to games and when nobody is looking, steals food off of plates. He’s learned to adapt to our wild and crazy house and brought his own wildness. When I write, he sits by my feet and waits for an occasional scratch behind the ears.  If only the cats were as welcoming as I am.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with National Today on this story, however, the words and dog are my own.

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